All is set for the inaugural Magharibi Festival concert as the Mapenzi hitmaker Kidum, who is also set to be the star
attraction, arrives in Bungoma ready to treat his fans to a thrilling Live Crossover concert scheduled for tomorrow 31st at Tourists Hotel in Bungoma.

Speaking after arriving in Bungoma from Burundi with his Boda boda band, the mapenzi hit maker promised his fans from Western Kenya region and its
environs of an electrifying performance during the Magharibi Fest New year concert.

“I am honored to be here in Bungoma as we prepare to usher in a new year in style at the inaugural Magharibi Festival. My team and I arrived today, and we
are ready to give our fans the best performance ever. I call upon all my fans in the Western Kenya region and the neighborhood not to miss. I also thank the
organizers for such a well-organized event,” Said Kidum

Other top artists from the region who will be on stage at the big bash include the Mbe Mukhasi hitmaker Steve Kay, The Vaida and confirm Hitmaker Harry
Richie and the Takwei and Tina hitmaker Micah Wanyenje.

Also, Ash Mulongo is one of the upcoming Musician lined up for an exciting performance this Saturday.

The festival is designed to give young talents an opportunity to perform alongside seasoned artists for exposure and mentorship. Under the Magharibi Talent Development program,
we have supported Ash to record single tracks like Tulia and Alala as we populate a full upcoming album to kickstart her exciting, promising career,” said Dennis Machio, the organizer

Magharibi Festival is a premier annual event of Western Kenya that sets out to celebrate the cultural diversity, talents, and beauty of Western Kenya.

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